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After two weeks, my husband and I are feeling so well from the sugar and gluten treatment that we are now sending you our two daughters. We want them to feel as good as we do. I feel great energy. I feel like a new person. I’m losing weight and just have a much better feeling!
Ofra B.
Los Angeles, California

I saw Stephen in June 2007 and since then have lost a total of over 20 pounds. I fit into clothes that haven’t seen daylight in years!
Hillary S, Tennessee

I send everybody to Steve! I lost 25 pounds. I feel great! I look great! Everybody asks me what I did and I’m happy to say I had the treatment from Steve. I don’t even want bread anymore – pizza, sugar – nothing. It works. I can tell you it works.
Rachel B, Los Angeles, CA

Stephen, thank you so much for helping me finally quit smoking! I was a smoker for 45 long years, but no more. It’s been now over 6 years since I went to you for the treatment and I haven’t touched or even wanted to touch a cigarette since. Everybody should go to see you. It’s so worth it. Thanks a million! Leslie D, Putnam County, NY

Since Stephen’s treatment I have lost a total of 31 pounds. It’s not just that I don’t crave sweets anymore. I have more energy, more focus. Since my visit to Stephen and Jenia's holistic healing center, I've had a whole lifestyle change from the inside out. I’m a better person all around.
Gayle L, Croton on Hudson, NY

My life and my relationship with self and others have greatly improved, and what is so clear to me is that I will be on this magical path and in search for the goodness within us and around us for the rest of my life. Steve is amazing...a true healer in a more than normal and youthful physical package. He has been practicing and working within the healing modalities most of his life and departed on this journey when he was 17. Being able to learn from Steve and his wife, Jenia, at their Holistic Healing Center (through Healing School, The Emin Way and Feminenza.org), and just by knowing them has brought about a change of consciousness and awareness in my own life. I can't tell you all enough about how REAL, GREAT and POTENT Steve and his group of practitioners prove to be. I have stopped smoking for 5 weeks now and I feel like this is forever thanks to Steve Quinn my healer/mentor.
Julie O, Peekskill, NY

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Client Reviews about our Quit Smoking Services, Sugar Addiction, Gluten Addiction & much more

I lost 22 pound in the first month! Before the treatment I couldn’t help myself from eating sweets. I had no control. I was amazed how after the treatment I could control myself and felt no urge, no cravings whatsoever.
Avner, Queens, NY

Mark Quit Smoking I had been a smoker for 19 years and quit on my own for about six years. During that time, though, I was always thinking about a cigarette. On September 11, watching the Towers fall, I lit up and couldn’t stop from that point. I saw Stephen and it was totally miraculous. I was ready for a struggle, but it never came. Stephen’s treatment made it so much easier than I ever thought possible. Thank you !
Mark, Tarrytown, NY

Ayelin stopped smoking(Notes fr Steve: Initial treatment very successful in Spring 2008. Picked up one cigarette after an argument and went back to smoking around Dec. 2008. Distance healing over the phone and via photo, March 2009, very successful – she felt like I was physically there - like the first treatment.) "Now I'm doing excellent. I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes. I don't ever want to go back."
Ayelin, Los Angeles, CA

After two weeks, my husband and I are feeling so well from the sugar and gluten treatment that we are now sending you our two daughters. We want them to feel as good as we do. I feel great energy. I feel like a new person. I’m losing weight and just have a much better feeling!
Ofra, Los Angeles, California

Ed quit smokingI have just celebrated 4 years since I decided to quit smoking employing the assistance of Steve’s unique healing sessions and that now, smoking is barely a memory.   Before my visit to Steve's holistic healing center, I tried many times to quit and tried most of the conventional treatments available.   Steve’s methodology and approach is not only highly effective but Steve also coaches you not only through the physical challenges but through the not often mentioned energy worlds and psychological influences that surround any addiction or long repeated habit.   I highly recommend this treatment for anyone that has decided to make a change in their life and needs some safe and knowledgable coaching with some not so easy challenges.
Ed D, Croton on Hudson, NY

Can you believe it’s been 4 years since I quit smoking?! I actually can’t even remember it anymore! Thank you so much.
Colette K, Ridgefield, CT

Raul has quit smokingI was a smoker for about 15 years. A real smoker - I loved it. It’s tough to quit smoking, and I’m not going to say Steve is going to make you stop. If you really are serious to quit smoking, he can help you. You still have to work, but his treatment is a really beautiful thing – a real healing. And it works.
Raul G, Buchanan, NY

Dustin stopped smoking & drinking!I was a pretty light smoker – about 5 a day – and trying to live clean I realized at a certain point cigarettes had to go. I set up a treatment with Steve and was really blown away. It’s a very powerful healing.

Not only did I quit smoking, but decided to stop drinking, too, even though that wasn’t a problem for me. It felt like a total detox on all levels and helped me spiritually as well as physically.
Dustin J., Orange County, CA

This treatment really helped me to become smoke-free. I left with a completely different feeling - almost as if I had never smoked before. Smoking just seemed foreign to me.
Josh, Brooklyn, NY