Stephen Quinn has been doing bio-energetic healing since 1995. His specialty is in the treatment of addiction, particularly in helping people to stop smoking, quit sugar addiction, lose weight, and overcome alcohol addiction.  He has extensive experience in working within the human energy field with direct healing application and ever new and increasing healing connections.

Stephen is a Well Being Coach® Practitioner, Addiction Cessation Specialist, Licensed Massage Therapist and Workshop Facilitator/Trainer. His training in Energy Medicine has taken place through countless workshops and training programs in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East as well as within his own practice and personal development. His training is always ongoing toward better healing connection and methodology, and he teaches others to do this great work as well.  

His healing practice arises out from the philosophies and work of the Well Being Sciences® , an international body of healers and researchers of the vast realm of human well being, and the Emin Way. He conducts ongoing workshops into the territories of the human electromagnetic field, universal natural laws, healing, and the deeper, more spiritual aspects of living.

Phone: (914) 473-2015