Healing the Aura

The Aura is the electromagnetic field that radiates out from the human body. It has been shown in religious art throughout the ages as halos, energies and colors emanating out from a person's body. The aura is filled with the electromagnetic results of the workings of the body, the mind, behaviors, and everything that a person processes, feels, thinks and does. It reflects on the outside what is happening on the inside – providing an exact picture of a person's state of health, vitality, well-being, or disease, depression or addicted state.

The Aura is the unseen theatre of all that goes on in a person's life. It is the "cloak of many colors," in which is found the halo and the radiant living fires of higher human process.

Everyone has an aura, and when healing energies flush through the aura, unuseful energies are cleansed from it, resulting in far greater well being and improved health.  As well as treating addiction, energy healing is helpful for many other health situations.

All that happens physically has an unseen, energetic source. By applying treatment at the level of the energetic source of an issue, positive results often occur immediately, or in a far shorter time than normally expected.