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I quite smokingI am a 41 year old attorney and I smoked for 23 years. I was skeptical at first. I had tried everything - hypnosis, acupuncture, the patch - but nothing seemed to work. This treatment really helped me to become smoke-free. I left with a completely different feeling - almost as if I had never smoked before. Smoking just seemed foreign to me. Nothing comes easy, but this certainly put me on the path.
Josh S, Brooklyn, NY

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Stop Smoking, Sugar, Gluten, Alcohol & Drugs Without Hypnosis…
Frequently Asked Questions

The main result people experience is apathy towards cigarettes.

People describe this as feeling no urge, like smoking was just a memory, or like feeling as if they had never smoked at all. Some even experience strong repulsion or nausea when in the presence of passive smoke. For 75% of people, one treatment is enough to feel indifferent or even repulsed by cigarettes. The results are the same for sugar addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, etc, although the treatments are done slightly differently. None of the treatments used involve stop smoking hypnosis

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