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Quit Smoking Methods

Smoking Cessation Treatments to Quit Smoking

Our Stop Smoking Method has proven time and again to be among the top most effective smoking cessation treatments available. Proven internationally and across America, our 75% long term smoking cessation success rate stands head and shoulders above the rest. Many stop smoking methods exist, ranging from nicotine gums, to the patch, hypnosis, inhalers and medications, to acupuncture, psychotherapy, and pharmaceutical anti-depressant drugs. Nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) for smoking cessation (the patch, gums, inhalers) have a high relapse rate and only about a 7% success rate long term. Any stop smoking method using a chemical (NRTs and anti-depressant drugs) have the potential of unfortunate side effects (ranging from high blood pressure to suicidal thoughts). Why are other methods so ineffective? Because they don’t actually address the root cause of addiction.

We are often called upon by people seeking help with their addiction to the so-called cures they were using to try to stop smoking in the first place!!

Our smoking cessation treatment is so effective because it addresses addiction at its most fundamental level – the energetic imbalance. Everything you think, feel, do and take into your body has an electromagnetic energy cause and resultant. By affecting a cure at this level, the deepest level, the chances of your successful long term smoking cessation are unparalleled.