Overcome Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol Treatment

We found that the healings worked so well for cigarette addiction and sugar addiction that it only made sense to see if the results were the same with alcohol addiction. And they were. The treatment produces a feeling of being put back together. Being given a clean slate. The word heal has as its original meaning, being made whole. People who suffer from an addiction are often suffering from a deep feeling of not being whole. The healing energies, being higher than we are, have the ability to rectify what’s out of balance in us – really at all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally. You, of course need to be open to their influence and do the work that’s yours to do for your healing. And sometimes healing takes time. We have found that with alcohol and drug addiction, not always, but in some cases several sessions are needed. The other reason people become addicted is that quite simply that’s how their brain responds to the chemical it is introduced to. The treatment produces this feeling of not needing alcohol anymore.

The mental journey:

There is a magical thing that happens when someone understands, at a mental level, that they don’t need something anymore. The mind is higher than the body, and when a change happens there, it cascades down through the feelings, wants, needs and urges of the emotions and the body. Why this is being said is that with every addiction, when you see the truth of it, you begin to be set free. It’s like in the Wizard of Oz when they look behind the curtain and see there is no great and powerful Oz, suddenly they’re free of fear and standing on their own feet. When you see that alcohol has really never done anything for you, it’s only ever caused problems and never actually given anything good, you’re that much closer to rising above it and being free of it. The Treatment helps clean out the energetic weight of the habit and, as said above, fills you with a powerful healing charge that helps you actually get out from under the pounding waves of alcoholism. This same logic applies to all addictions ranging from sugar addiction, to smoking, to serious drug addiction.

The treatment for alcohol and drug addiction does require a more serious commitment to several sessions. Please call to discuss.