Rise from the Ashes of Addiction
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M Horry Stopped SmokingI don’t know what you did but it was magic! I’d been smoking for years and years and in one session, you took the urge away completely. I don’t understand what you did and I don’t even care – it worked and I thank you.
Marilyn H., Bronx, NY

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Treatment for Sugar, Alcohol & Drug Addictions

Welcome and Congratulations on your decision to overcome addiction. At Full Spectrum Healing Arts we offer a highly effective treatment that helps most people who experience it. The Addiction Cessation Treatment is a healing treatment, a unique bio energy method offered by Stephen Quinn, who, from his in-the-field experience since 1995 has become an expert in helping people overcome addiction. The session involves firstly a preparatory conversation, followed by the treatment itself, which happens within the energy field (the Aura) of the person, while the person being treated is seated in a comfortable chair. The treatment itself is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. After the treatment, most people (about 85%) feel a sense of indifference or even repulsion to whatever substance they were addicted to.

The treatment is completely natural, utilizing no chemicals or medications of any kind. Just pure healing energy. The mechanism by which it works is this: In the energy field any addiction to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, sugar and other foods, or even non useful habits or emotional states, turns up as low energy patterns. If engaged in over time, these addictive chemicals and habitual states form magnetic patterns that are locking and compulsive upon the brain, the emotional life and the system as a whole. The healing forces, being far superior in caliber and divinity than the energies of addiction, effectively banish those energies, cleansing the energy field and the person living within it. This provides a clean slate for you to work from, with usually a strong feeling of wellbeing, peace, and inner stillness, accompanied by indifference to the addictive substance.

The treatment is highly effective for quitting smoking, overcoming sugar addiction and refined carbohydrate addiction (leading to weight loss), and alcohol and drug addiction. Each person is treated individually as the life experiences, patterns and ways that have led them to addiction are unique (though some aspects are the same for all), and the way each person will recover and change their life is also unique.

The treatment gives you a clean slate and the chance to write new, better patterns and habits into your life. The journey is then yours to make, with support as needed. The exciting journey of building the better life that is waiting for you!