Treatment For Quitting Smoking

Addiction Treatments


Stephen Quinn can help you quit smoking, lose weight by overcoming sugar and refined carbohydrate addiction, or overcome other addictions including alcohol and recreational drugs. His treatments are simple, all natural and very effective.

At Full Spectrum Healing Arts, we will help you feel human again - free from the shackles of addiction. With an extremely high success rate, and over 35 years of succesful treatments in many countries around the world, our treatment for quitting smoking, sugar, alcohol and drugs helps you get off the vicious cycle of addiction and get on with your life. The main feeling from the treatment is like a clean slate - simply an absence of the need or urge.

"This treatment for quitting smoking really helped me to become smoke-free. I left with a completely different feeling - almost as if I had never smoked before. Smoking just seemed foreign to me." - Josh, Brooklyn, NY

"I saw Stephen and it was totally miraculous! I was ready for a struggle, but it never came. Stephen’s treatment for quitting smoking made it so much easier than I ever thought possible. Thank you !"
Mark, Tarrytown, NY

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